Our Team

Here at Airsured we pride ourselves on being a motivated, family-owned business that provide a wide array of reliable, high quality services at affordable prices. We put our clients at the heart of everything we do and ensure they are 100% happy at the completion of all services.


Bodhi de freitas

Bodhi became a fully qualified refrigeration mechanic in 2014. For the past two years, Bodhi has been operating as a sole-trader (God of Air) to provide for his young family. Bodhi has an phenomenal work ethic and a strong desire to complete jobs well. His entrepreneurial mindset is the foundation of Airsured and his attention to detail is what makes Airsured so successful. 

Lara scarterfield

Lara is the person you’ll most commonly be in contact with in the initial stages of your air conditioning installation process. Lara is the fiancé of Bodhi who admires and supports Bodhi’s dream of running a successful air conditioning installation company. Lara completed the business and management units required to obtain Airsured’s Electrical Contractors Licence. Lara keeps updated with the latest laws and legislations released by both Energy Safety and the Australian Refrigeration Council to ensure Airsured stays current and abides by laws, legislations and regulations that we must adhere to as well as overseeing the advertising and marketing of the company.

Bruno lastname

Bruno is our fully qualified electrician. After completing his electrical apprenticeship in 20__, he completed his nomiees course earlier this year. With these qualifications, Bruno now completes all electrical work for Airsured. This ensures that all our work is done in-house, which allows us to ensure we deliver our quality of work from start to finish. Bruno’s enthusiasm and professionalism make him an important part of Airsured.

Chris lastname

Chris completed his apprenticeship in 2014.  Chris is energetic, fast paced and hard working. Bodhi and Chris have worked together since 2012. With this experience, they produce work fast and with precision. It’s an absolute pleasure to have Chris apart of our team. His sense of humor and energy is an assest to Airsured.